Implant Makeover 2

Patient Goals: Replace old veneers, lighten smile, and replace lost tooth with implant



Treatment: 9 daVinci Veneers, 1 Lava Porcelain Crown

Description: This patient was originally treated in 1988 with 5 veneers after a traumatic accident. He came to my office on a Saturday morning with his left front tooth in a cup of milk. We reimplanted it, splinted it, and then placed the 5 veneers. In 2004, he wanted to update and lighten his smile, so we placed 10 veneers, lightening and widening the smile at the same time.

In 2008, the reimplanted tooth failed due to lateral fractures, and we treated it with an immediate implant. At the same time, the patient and I agreed his front teeth were too bright for his complexion, so we redid the front segment, to a more natural shade. Note how well the gumline blends from the implant to the natural teeth. Our patient is now very happy with his smile.