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Dentures provide an alternative to improve a patient’s smile without the pain and long recovery times of dental implants. Dr. Donia provides a range of denture services for his patients in the Encino, California area.

Dentures Q & A

How Are Dentures Made?

Since dentures are customized to each patient’s needs, they typically require a few visits to complete the process. At the initial appointment, the dentist will make an impression of the patient’s mouth and take several measurements. At a subsequent appointment, Dr. Donia will create a model denture that the patient can try on to evaluate the fit and shape.

After the dentist makes any necessary adjustments, the final denture is manufactured in a lab and delivered to the patient to wear.

Do Dentures Change the Way People Speak and Eat?

Dentures affect the way you eat and speak in a positive way by allowing patients to chew normally and to speak without a lisp.  Dentures offer more stability and the mouth and are more reliable than other types of tooth replacement, such as crowns or bridges.

How Are Dentures Held in the Mouth?

Dentures are fitted to the jaw, so they stay in place naturally without any additional effort. However, patients can also use denture adhesive to secure to the gums for additional confidence. The two main types of adhesive are pastes and powders. Paste is easy to use, patients simply apply small dots along the ridge of the dentures; this can be done when the dentures are either wet or dry.

For denture powders are even easier to use, patients simply sprinkle the adhesive onto the places where it will touch the gums. Powders are easier to clean and also ensure a better fit against gum tissue than compared to pastes.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

Dentures are preferred by many patients for many reasons.  For example, dentures do not require painful procedures to install like dental implants, crowns or bridges. Additionally, dentures are removable which makes them very easy to keep clean and tidy at all times.  The ability to clean dentures with such ease prevents bacteria from breeding in the mouth. Dentures also work facial muscles from sagging and provide a picture-perfect smile that gives patients ample confidence in their overall appearance.

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