Jason’s Extreme Smile Makeover

Jason was the first patient I walked in to see for ExtremeMakeover, and I walked right out of the operatory room and told the producer we were supposed to be doing cosmetic makeovers. She told me they really liked his story, and wanted him for the show, and asked if there was any way I could make it work. We buckled down, created a plan, and had Jason fly out for numerous Root Canals and extractions several weeks before the episode was to be shot. When he returned, the posts, buildups and the preps for the before episode, and reveal episode were shot on a Thursday and Friday. We placed everything the next Tuesday and Wednesday. It was definitely an extreme makeover.



Treatment Upper:

  • 2 Extractions
  • 4 Root canals
  • 1 daVinci Porcelain Veneer, 10 units of Porcelain/Gold Crown and Bridge

Treatment Lower:

  • 5 Extractuibs
  • 5 Porcelain Veneers
  • 5 units Porcelain/Gold Crown and Bridge, Lower Removable Partial