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Extreme Makovers

It is incredibly exciting to have all of America be able to view the intricacies and delicate treatments and technology used to create a perfect smile.


“Extreme Makeover” Smiles

ABC’S “Extreme Makeover” has brought the experience of cosmetic dentistry into the homes of people across America. This has educated people as to the possibilities of improving one’s smile. Even in the worst case scenario, there can be major improvements made.

The best thing about it is that I can change the way a person sees him or herself. Through an improved smile I can give a person who otherwise had no confidence a feeling of pride. These people can now quit hiding their mouth with their hands and instead flash their smiles and allow their true potential and personality to come through. I get to be a part of this personal growth by simply providing their best and healthiest smile possible.

Extreme Makeover presented all of these transformations with the most compassionate, and ethical procedures. I am so honored to have been able to be a part of it all.

Tricia Blume sums it up with her comment. ”My smile has had the biggest impact on me because I know I may gain some weight back, or not fix my hair and makeup each day, and not choose the most stylish wardrobe but the one thing that I can count on every moment is that my smile will always look its best.“

A special thanks to Creator and Executive Producer Howard Schultz, and executive producers Chuck Bangert, Louis Gorfain, Janice Biewend and Julie Laughlin.

Steve’s Extreme Smile Makeover

Patients Goals: to close his space, and lighten his teeth


Lachelle’s Extreme Smile Makeover

Patient’s Goals: Lachelle wanted to fix her gappy smile


Tricia’s Extreme Smile Makeover

Patients Goals: Widen Smile, and lighten teeth


Amy’s Extreme Smile Makeover

Patient’s Goals: To have a pretty smile!


Karri’s Extreme Smile Makeover

Patients Goals: Karri wanted to fix her crossbite, lighten and straighten her teeth, and widen her smile.


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