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Dr. Jonathan R. Blinstrub DDS

Dr. Jonathan R. Blinstrub DDS.

Limited To Oral Surgery

My name is Jonathan R. Blinstrub.

I am pleased to offer my wide range of Oral Surgery services.

After graduating dental school from the University of California, San Francisco Dental School, I completed a scholarship program with the US Army performing Oral Surgery on active-duty soldiers as a Captain and a Dentist at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. For four years I was able to work alongside every subspecialty in the field of Dentistry providing a wide range of surgical procedures to our patients. Upon completion of my commitment, I returned to my home town in sunny California.

I am honored to be surrounded by such a vast number of outstanding Dental Professionals and excited to have the opportunity to build a strong professional relationship with you. Your referrals will be regarded highly and treated with upmost respect.

Our process of referral is simple and made to accommodate you and your staff. Simply Fax or Email the referral to our office and we’ll take care of the rest. I have enclosed several referral forms with this letter. Your patient is returned to you immediately after treatment followed by detailed report of completion via email or mail per your preference. We make it a priority to work closely with referring partners to provide a mutually beneficial relationship, guidance when needed, and the best solution for the patient.

My services include but not limited to: Extractions, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Orthodontic Extractions, Full Mouth Extractions for Dentures, Alveoloplasty, Gingivectomy, Bone Grafting, and Implants. I also offer a full range of Sedation, Local Anesthesia, Nitrous, IV Sedation and General Anesthesia.

Our facility offers the most advanced equipment and technology; coupled with an educated, experienced and companionate staff.

Please feel free to call my office with any questions. I look forward to a professional relationship with you. All major insurances Accepted, Including Denti-Cal.